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We are a full service global boxing promotional company. K9BGP is proud to have a worldwide boxing promotional rights to IBF 2-Time Jr. Middleweight World Boxing Champion Cornelius K-9 Bundrage.


K9BGP other participating world class  fighters in our promotions are comprised of World Champions, Former World Champions,Top 15 Ranked IBF, WBA, WBO and WBC fighters and a few upcoming, exciting, promising Olympic and Golden Gloves fighters who will become future boxing champions. We are a premium boxing promotional Company of Champions today and tomorrow.


K-9 Boxing Global Promotions writes, creates, develops and distributes our World Championship corporate sponsorship packages,the event travel packages for incoming guests and tourists, worked closely with our Host Hotels in the markets of our events, sets up a special visit to a local Children’s Hospital, Schools, and Dog Foundations to assist with mistreated dogs and feed Police & Military Dogs. K9BGP Celebrities for Warrior K-9 Bundrage hail from TV, Music, Non-Boxing Sports and Film, we have many Celebrities attending our events.


K9BGP co-organizes and produces the Press Conferences, the Weigh-Ins and comply with all local boxing commission WBO, WBA,  IBF / WBC Rules Meetings,


K9BGP handles the coordination of all Ground Transportation for fighters and in-coming guests,

K9 Boxing Global Promotions works in harmony with ALL Co-Promoters around the world to produce quality events. Honest, Integrity and Quality Services defines our actions and activities.


K9 Boxing Global Promotions works very closely with foreign language interpreters to assure continuity and clarity during our press conferences and weigh-in, media interviews, and referees that can communicate fairly to communicate with the fighters inside the ring with different

language dialects.


Our K9 Boxing Global Promotions Executive Team is comprised of SUBJECT MATTER EXPERTS with are experienced and  to administer, produce and promote GREAT RESULTS for our audiences and partners around the world.


K9BGP has Operational Offices in Las Vegas, State of Maryland, Canada , South Africa and our Championship K-9 Training Camp in Detroit, Michigan

Shawana Bundrage

Pro Boxing Manager of the World Champion

Manager Shawana is only African-American Female currently in Professional Boxing who represents a Two (2) Time World Boxing Champion(Cornelius K-9 Bundrage)

Love & Basketball & Boxing

Shawana Bundrage was born and raised in Detroit, Michigan. She was an outstanding basketball player. She attended Sherrill Elementary / Middle School where she was the basketball team captain and collected MVP (Most Valuable Player) awards and many other achievement awards.


Basketball Coaches had Shawana as # 1 on their recruiting list. One coach went as far as to enroll her in his school without her knowledge. Shawana was so good in high school at Mackenzie High School; she was immediately put on the Varsity Team when she was only in the 9th grade skipping over Junior Varsity. She won MVP awards, Player of the Game many times, and was a featured story in the Detroit News Paper for scoring back-to-back 20 + point games. Her leadership skills and basketball skills earned her the position of Team Captain both Junior and Senior Years in High School.


The Basketball College Scholarships came rolling in from Oklahoma University and others.  Shawana met the love of her life, Cornelius K-9 Bundrage during her senior year in high school

Shawana wanted to support her man in his boxing career after high school so she skipped going off to college. After giving birth to their new born son Daishaun, 8 months later she was talked into trying out for the basketball team at Wayne County Community College. She was offered a full scholarship just by shooting her pin-point jump shots. Shawana was told by one of the assistant coaches, “You are the Michael Jordan of this team!” The team at Wayne County Community College was not a good fit for her, so Shawana took her basketball skills to Marygrove College and again was offered a basketball scholarship for her hoop skills.

But Shawana Bundrage Decided To Stick To Her Champ. In December, 2008 Shawana became Manager of her World Class Boxer K-9 Bundrage when he traveled to Germany and Knocked Out Zaurbek Baysangurov in the 5th round to WIN the IBF Title Eliminator.


After looking back on her basketball career and today a mother, wife, and manager Shawana says “ I believe in my heart that I am where I am suppose to be. God created me to be a great business partner and soul mate to my champ and my husband.  There’s no way to accomplish that if I’m out of state with my own career. I was created to help

him, so I’m happy with that. We are a great team together. We have three children together, Daishaun, Omnae & Ariel. I surrendered my life to Jesus Christ in 2007 it was the best thing I have ever done in my life, I love Jesus Christ.


Shawana has two siblings: her brother Big Mike and little sister Jaime. Her parents Michael and Ronda were strong influences in her life.


Manager Shawana Bundrage and her business associate Bill Waller (Agent / Boxing Advisor) & COO of K9 Boxing

Global Promotions, Inc / Las Vegas operate the day-to-day boxing business affairs of IBF World Champ K-9 Bundrage. Shawana Bundrage is the only African-American woman in professional boxing managing a World Boxing Champion. She is still scoring big points in Boxing Business the way she did in Basketball. Some are calling her the ‘Manager of the Year” in Boxing.


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